Winds of Compassion

Winds of Compassion May 3, 2013
(c) Carl Studna

Our world today presents us with daily opportunities to practice compassion in every passing moment. All you need do is turn on the news, or be driving in your car and you’ll be gifted with the critical choice of either reacting out of fear or delving into a richer understanding and care for each other and the world condition.

In the last U.S Presidential election campaign, there was a lot of talk about our system being broken. This word, broken, when we take it apart can serve as a powerful metaphor for our way of operating in the world believing that we are separate from others and lacking wholeness as a collective entity. If we bring this example into our individual lives, it serves as a reflection of each person’s belief that there’s always something wrong that needs fixing.

When we truly recognize and have a direct experience that we are whole, perfect and complete, we do not blame others, we do not judge ourselves and we naturally lead from our hearts in a wise and compassionate fashion.

Compassion and fear cannot occupy the same space.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama serves for me as one of the boldest human examples of our time who leads from compassion in his life. Serving as the Spiritual leader of his country, he was required to flee Tibet while witnessing the harm of his people and the degradation of his culture. Enduring these circumstances for over fifty years, he continues to hold the deepest of compassion for the Chinese people. He finds the love in his heart and extends it out to those in power who continue to make choices that inflict pain and repression onto the Tibetan culture and he trusts that in time, love, truth and understanding will bring the necessary wisdom to heal and free his country.

We must be bold as individuals and trust in our innate wholeness. Out of which, seeds of compassion will continue to blow throughout the winds of the world and fertilize in the hearts and minds of the human spirit, cultivating and fostering decisions based in love’s clearest and purest choices.

The truth is, we are not broken….we’re simply being asked to rise to the occasion of recognizing and owning our wholeness. Now is the time, and may compassion be your guide.

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