Saying Yes to Greatness

Saying Yes to Greatness June 28, 2013

At first glance, who wouldn’t say yes to living a life of greatness, of fully embodying our innate talents and letting them soar? Sounds good in theory, but how often do we choose a safer path for risk of failure or ridicule? Many of us did not grow up in an environment that fostered taking risks, and if we didn’t meet our goal, we were often (to put it lightly) not encouraged or supported to try again.

(c) Carl Studna

It’s up to us as we grow into adulthood to place a new spin on taking risks and see them as a grand adventure. It’s imperative that we remove the knee-jerk response of judging our unfulfilled attempts as failures (that wound us) from the equation. In doing so, all that’s left is, “Hmm…what is there for me to learn here in order to grow and excel in my grandest of talents and expression?”

Imagine having the level of detachment where you can simply assess and course-correct when you need to discover how to be your best in any given situation.

I was recently at a rodeo and witnessed many of these young riders’ deep commitment and fortitude to stay on the horse or bull that they were riding. During their training, if they let their discouragement stop them each time they flew off and hit the hard ground, they would have never reached the high level of skill attained. Surely, it must take a great level of ongoing assessment to “feel” into every jerk and jolt and learn how to remain balanced and centered in the midst of this turbulence.

Every one of us is blessed with our own unique gifts that are unlike anyone else. The greater that we anchor inwardly each day and allow our purest talents to emerge, we have the ability to daily hone these precious gems and give them the brilliance they deserve. We are here to be great, so whenever you need to refine your gifts, pick yourself off the ground and get back on the horse!

Embrace the adventure as you master your gifts and ride as if there’s no tomorrow.

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