Expressing Your Inner Beauty

Expressing Your Inner Beauty August 23, 2013
(c) Carl Studna

Imagine being at a bank and walking up to the window to make a transaction. You’re greeted with a warm smile by the bank teller as she asks how she can help you today.  As you proceed with your transaction, you notice how light and good that you feel inside and you realize that this teller’s way of relating with you brings forth an inner warmth and feeling of goodness. You observe that her eyes are alive with a compassionate presence and her smile emits a feeling of joyfulness. You think to yourself, “This woman is so beautiful.” Then your rational mind kicks in and you think, “Here’s a woman in her early sixties with features that society would not consider particularly striking, yet I’m seeing her as stunningly beautiful!”  You complete your transaction, say goodbye, and exit the bank with a heightened sense of joy and appreciation for life.

We are all radiantly beautiful at the core of our nature, and when we allow this beauty to fully shine, we touch and transform the lives of others. Sounds easy, right? Yet, as children, so many of us become strongly influenced into thinking that our beauty needs to come primarily through our outer physical appearance. Most of our advertising tells us that we need certain products in order to look good and to feel beautiful. The underlying premise is that we’re not whole or complete until we buy this product or look a certain way. We begin to base our beauty primarily through our physical appearance, comparing ourselves with others who are considered “the in crowd”.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine being out in the world and truly not caring an ounce about what others think of you. You’re solely basing your criteria through the lens of living a life of integrity to your inner-directive. You’re being guided by your deep and anchored values that naturally bring forth a rich sense of clarity, wisdom and compassion. Your beauty naturally shines from within as you go throughout your daily set of experiences.

This scenario is always present, at our fingertips whenever we make the conscious choice to step back from the world of comparison and open the door to our rich, unique and exceptional inner landscape. Give yourself the freedom to pull away from the conditioned criteria held for looking beautiful and awaken to your radiant, stunning inner beauty.

It’s waiting to shine, now!

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