Living the Life of Your Dreams

Living the Life of Your Dreams February 16, 2015

Imagine waking each morning with this deep-rooted passion, knowing and feeling the boundless potential for this new and glorious day. Every cell and fiber of your being is ignited with light and joy and you’re filled with an unstoppable sense of awe. You can’t wait to jump out of bed and greet the mystery and enchantment that the day beholds.

(c) Carl Studna
(c) Carl Studna

Sound like a stretch? Is there a part of you that senses this might be possible or does this seem way too airy-fairy and in the clouds? Do you recall times from childhood when the world felt like one big adventure? Maybe you were playing with friends, constructing a secret hideaway behind a row of bushes, or perched in your favorite tree feeling above the world and imagining being a world explorer, seeing a new land for the first time. Or perhaps you were playing with your favorite doll, constructing an elaborate story where the two of you were sharing a picnic together in this magical land where anything you desired appeared.

For most of us as we grew older, we were told to put away our childish ways and become realistic to the practical matters of the world. We were often discouraged to dream too big, being told in one form or another that the world is a tough place and we need to be practical and settle for comfort and security through compromising our dreams and visions. There seems to be a collective belief in Western culture that it’s impractical to truly follow your dreams and live a life devoted to passion and inspired purpose.

So how do we break free of these deeply rooted convictions? We must devote each moment of our lives to choices that promote freedom, creativity, and newness. Breaking free of old, encrusted, limiting thoughts requires ongoing, moment-to-moment focus on catching these unsupportive beliefs and exchanging them with thoughts that inspire and ignite your senses.

Here’s an easy way to tell where you’re placing your attention. Look within and ask yourself, “Am I feeling light or heavy in this moment?” If there’s any trace of heaviness, that’s an indication that you’re harboring some level of fear based in limiting thoughts. In that moment (or when you can take a moment to be still), bring in the light of truth. Be a spiritual warrior and pierce your light sword through the muck of despair! Visualize yourself filled with love’s light and see yourself being guided and uplifted above the density of your past concerns and unfulfilling situations. Allow this lightened state to guide you. Release your attachment to any old friends, media, or conversations that bring you down. Be devoted to “lightening up” and watch everything in your life align with your most inspired and ignited visions. Each day, a greater sense of adventure and aliveness will fill your soul with passionate purpose and you’ll be living the life of your dreams!

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