Race and the Movies: An Interview with Dr. Roslyn Satchel

Race and the Movies: An Interview with Dr. Roslyn Satchel October 24, 2016

As many of our readers know, R3 has a book series with Lexington Books, a division of the Roman and Littlefield Press, titled simply, the Rhetoric, Race and Religion Book Series. The series provides space for emerging, junior or senior scholars engaging in research that studies rhetoric from a race or religion perspective. This includes studies contributing to our understanding of how rhetoric helps shape race and/or religion and how race and/or religion shapes rhetoric. In this series, scholars seek to examine phenomenon from either a historical or contemporary perspective. Moreover, we are interested in how race and religion discourse function rhetorically. Since these subjects are interdisciplinary, this peer-reviewed book series invite proposals for and submissions of monographs and edited volumes from scholars across all academic disciplines.

Below is an interview by feature host Shar Jossell of Dr. Roslyn Satchel for the series Book Circle Online. Dr. Satchel has the distinction of having the first book published in the R3 series titled, What Movies Teach Us About Race:Exceptionalism, Erasure and Entitlement.

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