7 Debunked Myths from the Election

7 Debunked Myths from the Election November 14, 2016

philly protest

In the wake of the recent election, I put together a list of now debunked myths that permeated the campaign. Can you name some others?

Myth #1: Trump supporters are all rural, uneducated white folks.

Myth #2: White women will vote in record numbers for Clinton.

Myth #3: America in the end, is a decent country that will stand against sexism and racism.

Myth #4: We are a progressive country

Myth #5: In the end, white conservative Evangelicals will not vote for Trump in similar numbers of previous GOP candidates.

Myth #6: The Mormons would not vote for Trump

Myth #7: The “Never Trump” crowd would crossover and vote for Clinton.

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