New Book: The Rhetoric of Religious Freedom

New Book: The Rhetoric of Religious Freedom November 12, 2017

rhetoric of religious freedomWe here at R3 are pleased to announce the publication of the Rhetoric of Religious Freedom in the United States edited by Eric C. Miller. We are also pleased to announce that R3 founder and managing editor, Andre E. Johnson has a chapter in the book. Pre-order your copy today.

About the Book:

The Rhetoric of Religious Freedom in the United States, fifteen scholars from this field address the variety of forms that free, public religiosity may assume, and which rhetorical techniques are operative in a public square populated by a diversity of religious-political actors. Together they consider the arguments, evidences, and strategies defining what religious freedom means and who is entitled to claim it in the contemporary United States.

Praise for the Book:

Miller has collected a number of diverse and useful rhetorical studies to demonstrate the importance of religious freedom in the contemporary public imaginary and its representative discourse. It is a welcome addition to and unique representation of rhetorical scholarship. (Steven Goldzwig, Marquette University)

Freedom of religion remains a contentious issue in American public culture. Across 12 timely chapters, The Rhetoric of Religious Freedom in the United States illustrates the myriad of ways in which the concept of religious freedom becomes negotiated in political, legal, and social spheres. By addressing the issue through a rhetorical framework, this collection contributes an important perspective to ongoing controversies and speaks to the complex negotiation of American values. (Leslie J. Harris, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Table of Contents:

Eric C. Miller

Chapter 1
Reinhold Niebuhr’s Rhetorical Legacy: Democratic Community and Religious Freedom
Cody Hawley

Chapter 2
Persuasive Ambassadors: The Southern Baptist Commitment to Religious Freedom for All
Michael Strawser, Matthew Hawkins, and Joe C. Martin

Chapter 3
Differing Definitions: How Conservative Evangelicals and Mainline Protestants Frame Freedom
Stephanie A. Martin

Chapter 4
Negotiating Religious Freedom in US Catholic Responses to Vaccine Science
Miles C. Coleman

Chapter 5
Freedom for Whom? The Contested Terrain of Religious Freedom for Muslims in the United States
Adam Smidi and Lara Lengel

Chapter 6
“Not About Discrimination:” Religious Freedom Restoration Acts and the Question of Intent
Eric C. Miller

Chapter 7
Religious Freedom and the Marketplace
James T. Petre

Chapter 8
Kim Davis vs. the Gay(ze): A Problematic Response to Religious Freedom Advocates
Sarah Walker

Chapter 9
Evangelized Scandals: Religious Freedom and Cultural Politics at Wheaton College
Robin Reames

Chapter 10
Environmental Protection and Religious Freedom: The Case of the Dakota Access Pipeline
Elizabeth A. Petre

Chapter 11
“What Do You Have to Lose?” Donald Trump, Religious Freedom, and the African American Vote
Andre E. Johnson

Chapter 12
Is Trump Also Among the Fundamentalists? Religious Freedom and the Fight to Repeal the Johnson Amendment
Jonathan J. Edwards

About the Editor:

Eric C. Miller is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. His writing has appeared in Rhetoric and Public Affairs, Journal of Communication and Religion, Advances in the History of Rhetoric, and Voices of Democracy, among other journals. A contributor to outlets including Religion Dispatches and Religion and Politics, his research focuses on religious participation in the public square, with special attention to conservative Christian political activism.

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