The One Thing Jesus said to Never Forget

The One Thing Jesus said to Never Forget September 7, 2019

What is the one thing Jesus says to never forget? Or, perhaps better, the one thing to always remember.

In Mark 6:52, the disciples were said to have “hardened hearts” because they failed to remember something, failed to consider something—– something crucial, something incredible, something powerful. What was the “forgotten” element which hardened them to the supernatural power of a supernatural God? It was THE MIRACLES OF THE LOAVES!

But why? Why is remembering these particular miracles so critical, so important? The answer lies in Mark 8:13-21. In verse 13, we see the disciples departed in a ship to “cross over” to Bethsaida. The problem was that they all had forgotten to bring bread and had only one loaf to share between them. In verse 17, Jesus discerned that they were REASONING IN UNBELIEF about having no bread.

Jesus then challenged them:

“Why do you reason, ‘because we have no bread?’ Perceive you not, nor do you  understand? Is your heart so hardened? Having eyes, you see not? And having ears, you hear not? AND DO YOU NOT REMEMBER?” vv 17-18.

So Jesus said here that their failure to REMEMBER something is costing them dearly—- costing them faith-vision, faith-hearing, and faith-understanding. The end result is a hardened heart unable to believe God for supernatural miracles. So WHAT was it they were supposed to remember, to consider, to see, to hear?

“’When I broke the five loaves among five thousand, how many baskets full of fragments did you take up?’  They said to Him, ‘Twelve.’ ‘And when the seven among four thousand, how many fragments did you take up?’ And they said, ‘Seven.’ And He said to them, ‘How is it then that you don’t understand?’” vv19-21.

Here is the explosive point we are to always keep near the surface of our thoughts. Jesus fed MORE (5,000 versus 4,000) with LESS (5 loaves versus 7 loaves) and had more LEFT OVER (12 baskets versus 7 baskets). Jesus does more with less. JESUS DOES MORE WITH LESS! What was the point the disciples were missing? With the mere one loaf the disciples had in the boat, Jesus could feed thousands, tens of thousands, even millions. With one crumb Jesus could feed the entire world BECAUSE He supernaturally does more with less.

The disciples were NOT considering the SUPERNATURAL POWER OF GOD to meet their EVERY need, even the simplest ones. Having their every need met was only a faith impulse away BECAUSE Jesus was WITH them. But the disciple’s hardened hearts seemed to continually forget or neglect the ABUNDANT AVAILABILITY of Jesus’ miracle working anointing. Of all His miracles, Jesus believed the Miracle of the Loaves was the most important one for us to constantly remember.

The good news for us is that Jesus is not just WITH us as He was the disciples, but Jesus is WITHIN us by the power of the Holy Spirit. His miracle power to transfigure our darkness into light abides in us in 24/7. But, like the disciples, we too can be sooooo hardened to it. We can be blind, deaf and dull to the supernatural power of God to be OUR ever-present help in time of need. And not only to helps meet OUR every need, but also to leave “baskets” of abundance to overflow blessings to others.

Personally, I believe Jesus reveals the master key to the Miracle of the Loaves in the following verse: “And He commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he BLESSED [literally “eulogeo” meaning “to speak well of, thank, celebrate, bless and praise.”] and broke them, and gave the the loaves to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.” Matthew 14:19.

JESUS FOCUSED ON WHAT HE “DID” HAVE RATHER THAN ON WHAT HE DIDN’T HAVE. He could have said, “I don’t have the bread to feed this huge crowd. We are in lack. How will this ever work out? Father, we are in trouble.” No, Jesus gave thanks to heaven for what He DID have, the five loaves and two fish. This is the key. When we start from a position of lack by focusing on what is missing from the situation, we start to fret, panic, fear and harden.

But when we are thankful toward, speak well of, and give praise to heaven for the smallest of blessings we do have, THEN the supernatural power of God is released to MULTIPLY that blessing a thousandfold.

Years ago, during a time of financial famine, I was praying for the Lord to help bring me a wave of new clients. He quickly spoke to my heart THROUGH this passage that I needed to bless heaven for the clients I DO have, to value and esteem them, to honor them and speak well of them from my heart. If I did this, then the Lord said He would multiply them and to meet all my needs and more. I then applied myself for four days to do nothing but bless, give and show thanks for my current clients. On the fifth day, a supernatural flood of new clients rushed into my office ALL DAY LONG, one right after another.

My eyes were opened to this dynamic truth; even though I have failed to remember it during certain seasons. I try to avoid focusing on lack by mumbling, grumbling, complaining or fretting over what I am not doing or not possessing. Instead, when I have my spiritual ‘A’ game, I pray in appreciation and toward heaven to bless and share what I do possess NOW, this very moment, knowing that God WILL continue to help me meet the crucial needs around me.

This doesn’t just apply to finances and food. In relationships, let’s be openly thankful to God for the friends we DO have rather than the ones we don’t. Instead of being disappointed in people, let’s give thanks to God for their good qualities we DO recognize, no matter how small they may appear. This helps “prime the pump” for supernatural multiplication of blessings to spread over both them and us.

If we are struggling with illness, let’s focus on the health we DO possess rather than on the symptoms we suffer from, even if our remaining health is just the size of a breadcrumb. Thank God we can stand, walk, breathe or even think. Let’s start THERE with thanksgiving, blessing and devotion.

THEN let’s look for the Lord’s curative energies to supernaturally multiply that health to us in all the other areas of our need.

Let’s not forget the miracle of the loaves. And then, even if the multiplications don’t then manifest, it won’t be because our hearts are hard to it, but because of some other obstructive dynamic.

About Richard Murray
Richard K. Murray is a practicing criminal-defense attorney from Dalton, Georgia where he lives with his wife Rita and their seven children: Sloan, Caleb, Micah, Abraham, Sarah, Ben and Annie. Richard has a B.B.A. and J.D. from the University of Georgia and a M.A. from Regent University School of Divinity. He has written several books, including: THE SPIRITUAL EYE OF THE TIGER THE POWER: Discovering the Real "Secret" of Life LIFT UP YOUR JAWBONE: Developing Samson-like Strength by Daily Confession THE JESUS MOOD: Discovering the Treasure of Imperative Faith GOD VERSUS EVIL: Sculpting an Epic Theology of God's Heroic Goodness You can read more about the author here.
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  • John Purssey

    The Jews were expecting the Messiah who would be preceded by a prophet like Moses and also the return of Elijah.
    In the Feeding of the 5000 (Jews) and the 4000 (Gentiles) Jesus showed himself to be the prophet like Moses who asked God to provide for the hungry Israelites in the desert, and showed himself to be a greater prophet than Moses as Jesus, like God, provided the bread. This is what the disciples failed to appreciate about Jesus.
    As God ordered the chaos of the waters in the creation story, so also Jesus calmed the chaos of the waters in which the disciples ship was sailing.

    After the feeding of the 4000 Mark places narratives about the disciples being slow to learn and understand who Jesus was.
    The blind man at Bethsaida is a story about how hard it is, even for Jesus, to open the eyes of the blind (disciples) to understand who Jesus is.
    Then this is illustrated immediately in the next story of the confession of Peter of Jesus as Messiah, immediately followed by the story that Peter does not see, or refuses to see, what the Messiah is like (which we can understand to be the result of his heart being hardened).
    A little later on in Mark’s Gospel we have the transfiguration story of Moses (who represents the Law/Torah) and Elijah (who represents The Prophets) talking with Jesus. Peter, James, and John want to honour them equally but God tells them to listen to his beloved Son and removes Moses/Torah and Elijah/The Prophets from the Mountain so it is now only Jesus who, like Moses did before, descends from the mountain with the radiance of God. As Jesus says in Matthew, He has fulfilled the (promise of) The Law and The Prophets.

    I think that Mark, like the other Gospel writers, has structured his gospel, so that the audience of his Christian community could see the blindness of the disciples symbolising their own blindness, and this can be seen to be repeated in every Christian community including today’s.