Epic Jesus: The Christ You Never Knew by Frank Viola

Epic Jesus: The Christ You Never Knew by Frank Viola September 27, 2011

This is the message that Frank delivered at the 2011 Momentum Conference.

The message is 53 minutes. Here is what Frank said about the message in his September 2011 update:

“I just returned from speaking at the Momentum Conference. The team who hosts this conference graciously invited me to be a keynote speaker again this year. At this year’s conference, I unveiled a brand new message that’s been building in my heart for several years.

Since PTMIN needed a title for the talk to be put on the podcast, we had to come up with a name for it. Here were three titles that were offered:

“Christ is Everything, But There’s Still More to Him”

“All in All: The Incomparable Christ”

“Epic Jesus: The Christ You Never Knew”

We settled on the last one. One person who heard it said it touches on every key theme of my ministry.

I hope it blesses you in a significant way.”

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