Awaiting for “Suddenly” to Appear by Robert Ricciardelli

Awaiting for “Suddenly” to Appear by Robert Ricciardelli September 26, 2011

I know what I know, I know what I do not know, But I have yet to discover the things that will one day reach my conscious mind. I am unable to know and see the possibilities that have yet to reach my mind’s eye. Then suddenly I see, in an unexpected moment of time, another dimension of the Divine. A new reality of life and eternity has become known, and I am instantly changed. Revelation experiences forever change me, moving me closer to the heart of God while I watch and wait expectantly for suddenly to appear once more.

Have you become settled in what you know, or even in what you think may be possible?

Have you prepared yourself for the “suddenly” of God to appear?

Wait expectantly for the “more” of God to show up and reign upon your life.

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