The Son & The Bride – Inheritance & Intimacy by Tricia Exman

The Son & The Bride – Inheritance & Intimacy by Tricia Exman July 20, 2012

There are 2 primary relational allusions in the New Covenant for believers.  While there are others, such as being priests and kings, the ones that were the most revolutionary to Jesus’ followers and contain the greatest revelation are being a son and a bride.  Why are these significant?

In the Old Covenant, the primary relational “positions” between God and His people were the roles of priest and king.  Both of these roles were consummated in Jesus as both the final high priest and the King of kings – the combined role “in the order of Melchizedek” under whose authority those who are IN Christ are considered part of the royal priesthood – royal for “king” – so “kingly priesthood”.

Because these relational positions became one and culminated in the person of Jesus, those who are IN Christ acquire these same relational positions.  But these relational positions again are relevant between God and His people, so they give us a model for how to be with others in relationship.  Jesus was the fullness of this model – how to be in Godly relationship with others.

The New Covenant brings new relational models.  These are about how God wants His people to be in relationship with Him.  These relationships are primary because without the fullness of these positions in relationship with God, we cannot be “kingly priests” to others (John 5: 19).

The Son – Jesus – came so we could become “sons”.  Now, as a woman I can tell you that it can be difficult to grasp being a son.  We get very caught up in gender differentiation though this is irrelevant according to the New Covenant (Galatians 3: 26-29).  So why is it important to really understand being a “son”?  Well, it was tradition in that culture that the 1st-born son is the one who inherits.  They typically would receive a double portion and the blessing of the family promises.  It is interesting to see, however, throughout the Old Covenant how often this got switched to the 2nd-born son.  When you consider that there were two “Adams” – the 1st Adam being the created Adam who was first to be manifested in the natural, and Jesus the last Adam who was 2nd to be manifested in the natural (though He always Was as the only begotten) – it is the “2nd Adam” that inherited everything.  So we enter into our inheritance as “sons” by being IN the Son.  That is a position of inheritance in relation to Father (Ephesians 1: 11-14)!!

SO what are we inheriting?  We have to look at the Bride to understand this.  So let me tell you a story to unfold this as I received the revelation from the Lord.

In December, 2010 a friend shared with me that when she had gone to buy some anointing oil for her daughter, the Lord prompted her to buy the case of assorted oils because she would be giving them as gifts.  When she arrived home, the Lord told her to go find the Bridal oil.  Well, there wasn’t anything called “Bridal” oil so she had to do some research (a true heart connection in this friendship)!!  What she found was something I had found over a year before as I was studying the cultural traditions of the Hebrew people during Jesus’ life – she found the Ketubah.  So she went back to her oils, and there was one called Ketubah oil, and the Lord told her, “That one is for Tricia.”  So this was the Christmas gift my friend gave me.  The Lord told me to begin anointing myself on Christmas Eve and to anoint myself every day until it ran out – and I used the last of it on Easter Sunday!!  I was entering a season that the Lord said was about “Radical Rest, Radical Receiving – NO DISTRACTIONS!”  I was about to “soak” in some amazing revelation!

Matthew 11: 28-30 (The Message):  “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

The Ketubah was a contract that was put in place upon betrothal.  This would have been given to Mary by Joseph.  It was a one directional contract – meaning it was from the bridegroom TO the bride.  The Ketubah was the bridegroom’s commitment to work for, provide, and protect the bride.  It was a legally binding contract, and stated that in any event that the contract was “broken”, there would be a sum of “provision” for the bride – she would never have to worry about her needs not being met.  Basically, this contract was entered into between the bridegroom and the father of the bride on behalf of the bride – the ONLY thing the bride had to do was receive it!!!

Now, I know for you men it is just as much of a mental strain to understand being a bride as it is for me as a woman to understand being a son.  Get over it!!! (I say that with love!)  It is IMPERATIVE that we understand being a bride!!  There has been a lot of focus on being a son, and this is absolutely necessary but it’s not the fullness of the New Covenant relationship.  The Bride is the position of intimacy in relation to Jesus – it is intimacy with the Son that inherits from the Father – intimacy inherits.  Jesus shares a parable of 2 sons who positionally could inherit.  Neither of them understood what it meant to inherit.  One of them wanted his inheritance because he thought it would buy him freedom to go do whatever he wanted.  The other stayed with the father, but never understood that his inheritance was there all along for his enjoyment.  Why did they both miss it?  Because they didn’t understand intimacy – the deep abiding relationship they could enter into with their father.  Our Father has already provided our inheritance.  What is it?  It is RECEIVING EVERYTHING through INTIMACY – it is REST!  We don’t have to inherit “something” so we can go off and do our own thing.  We don’t have to just stick around and “work” so we can someday inherit.  We inherit everything by simply receiving it through intimacy – we rest from being concerned about anything in this world by being intimate with the One who owns everything (and I mean infinite resources – everything we will ever need).  I would rather just BE with the One who owns everything, than try to “find” or “work” for any other position.  I don’t have “to be” anything or “need” anything, because I’m one with the One who IS everything.  So inheritance comes through the Son, and intimacy comes through the Bride!!

Consider this – in the Garden, God opened Adam’s side in order to take what was required to form a woman to be his helper – to be his “bride”.  On the cross, Jesus’ side was opened in order that a “bride” could be prepared for Him.  Somehow we’ve missed that God is “forming” a woman for His Son.  The Church is a woman, serving under the Head (her husband) as His helpmate in the world.  We inherit (as sons) through intimacy (as the bride).  Scripturally, we are to be submitted one to another (Ephesians 5:21).  In the Garden, God gave “them” dominion over fish, birds and animals – NOT over one another (Genesis 1: 28).  The Lord is the Head of ALL of us – and as we submit to Him, we walk in submission to one another in unity.  Submission to the Lord requires FAITH – we HAVE to trust that He is FOR us before we can submit to Him (Deuteronomy 7: 9).  As we submit to Him, and we obey all He asks us to do individually, we will be able to walk in submission to one another.  It is not about trusting others, it is about trusting the Lord with our lives – submitting every situation, every relationship, every conversation, every perspective, every thought to His Lordship – allowing Him to make all of our thoughts, words and actions His thoughts, words and actions (re-read John 5: 19).

In fact, I want to challenge you men – go read every single Scripture that discusses the role of being a woman or a wife – they are for YOU.  They define what your relationship to Jesus is supposed to look like.  You are a “man” and a “husband” in this earth, but you are a “woman” and a “wife” to Jesus in the Church.  You cannot expect a woman to be any more submitted to you (respectful) than you are to the Lord (sacrificially loving).

And women, I want to challenge you – we were blessed by God with this “woman mantle” in the earth.  We are the ones who are “ordained” to walk out what this looks like – submission to the Lord and submission to the men in our lives.  There is NO place for control and manipulation!!  It is impossible to submit and retain control.  In fact, control and manipulation is witchcraft!  If WE don’t model this well, how can we expect our men to ever understand being a bride!!  The Lord is NOT coming back for a Church (a bride) that operates out of obligation, expectation, or requirement driven by control, manipulation or seduction from a place of fear!!!  That fear can be due to believing in scarcity more than abundance, from receiving your value and worth from an inappropriate source, or from a lack of understanding your identity (and possibly other “unbeliefs”).  ALL of these are answered in Jesus (re-read Ephesians 1: 11-14).  You cannot expect a man to be any more submitted to you (sacrificially loving) than you are to the Lord.

He’s coming for HIS Bride who fully understands that He is ALL She needs because He IS everything.  Do the work of believing (John 6: 28-29).  REST & RECEIVE the inheritance (Hebrews 4:10)!!  It is FINISHED (John 19: 30-34)!

Tricia Exman

Founder / President of Presence Coaching

“EdenQuest: The Ultimate Journey to Rest” is a totally free resource for spiritual growth.  Find it at the “Coaching Videos” tab on her website.

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