All outcomes are in the hands of God by Robert Ricciardelli

All outcomes are in the hands of God by Robert Ricciardelli October 15, 2011

Many great men and women of faith had a dream that never was fully realized in their lifetime. They lived hope filled lives of purpose that sowed a harvest for future generations. Their hearts held on to the promise of things to come, and their lives became the seeds calling forth the existence of things unseen that were later fulfilled in the providential timing of God. Do not grow weary of doing good, for your life matters much, and the reaping will surely come. The outcome is the Lord’s and He will bring it forth in His way and in His time.

Are you living a life of hope, while holding on to the promises of God?

You are the living seed of things yet to come. What dreams do you need to rediscover for your life?

The journey is a life of continual large and small choices and trusting in God to bring out of it His desired results.

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