Stir up those gifts, talents, and dreams by Robert Ricciardelli

Stir up those gifts, talents, and dreams by Robert Ricciardelli October 14, 2011

God has placed wonderful gifts within you that need to be stirred. He has placed desires in your heart that can be accomplished through all that is within you, and all that He will bring to you. It is time to hope and to dream again. Stir up those gifts, talents, and dreams. When you have a vision, the outcome is never as important as the journey in oneness with God. Submit passionately, joyfully, and obediently to the things you must do, and God through you will supernaturally create every outcome for His glory.

Do you realize that in every moment of every day, the fullness of God is within you?

Will you choose this day, in the fullness of God, to hope and dream again?

You cannot flow in the power of God unless you are aligned with Him and are doing all the things He has purposed for you with joy and passion.

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