Becoming Human as God Intended by Robert Ricciardelli

Becoming Human as God Intended by Robert Ricciardelli October 23, 2011

If your main goal in life is to stand out above the crowd, you may one day reach iconic and yet dehumanized celebrity status. God wants us to become authentic, humble, and brilliantly human as He intended. Out of the ordinary, God manifests the supernatural and extraordinary through our lives. When we embrace His loving input we can expect His glorious output to come forth. He gives us freedom to be ourselves without the burden of performance or having to become abnormally human. You are amazingly loved just the way you are.

What are you reaching for? Be careful in what you desire.

Are you comfortable being who you are? You can do amazing things in the authenticity of YOU.

You are loved beyond measure without having to do anything. Embrace God’s love and your journey will become abundantly fruitful.

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