There Can Be Victory in Retreat by Robert Ricciardelli

There Can Be Victory in Retreat by Robert Ricciardelli October 22, 2011

There is victory in knowing when to retreat. There are times when God pulls the plug, asks us to stand down, and draws us back to Him for the next steps. We may continue to strive for victory in a place where God’s Wind has left the scene, therefore we must be led by His Spirit at all times. We may be asked to move forward, stand still, and sometimes retreat on any given assignment. Shake the dust off your feet, retreat with dignity, and rest in knowing that all victory is assured in obedience to your Almighty God.

Have you been striving in areas that God may be calling you to retreat in Him?

Have you been able to discern if is a good idea or a God idea to continue?

God never leaves you, but there are times when the Spirit says, “draw away from the chaos, and come deeper with me.”

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