Being Right Can Sometimes Be Wrong by Robert Ricciardelli

Being Right Can Sometimes Be Wrong by Robert Ricciardelli August 31, 2011

“Being right does not always prove to be successful, nor is it always the truth. As a man thinks in his heart so is he, and this makes him “right” in what he has chosen to believe. If you believe you are lazy and worthless, you will gravitate to T.V. and other non-productive activities that confirm the beliefs that motivate such activities. If you see yourself as one of God’s amazing creations, filled with abilities, possibilities, and a desire to work, you soar past potential and into destiny.”

Do you see some “rights” you have chosen that are really wrong for your life?

Are you willing to confront these comforts that bring long term discomfort?

Begin today to affirm and speak forth the truth over your life

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