Breaking Down the Walls by Robert Ricciardelli

Breaking Down the Walls by Robert Ricciardelli September 1, 2011

“Let go of the lines that divide while seeing all people as human beings, loved by God. The walls of “us” and “them” must crumble for the sake of a world in need of God’s love. We must no longer ignore the vulnerability of every human being, regardless of how they have been categorized by us and others. There is both good and bad in all of us, a collective brokenness, and we cannot hide behind the self righteousness of absolutism. May the enlightened of God lead the way in a revolution of love.”

Do you see some walls in your own life that need to come down in order to build bridges with others?

Have you been able to live both is the restoration of God and the humility of needing each other?

God is with you and He will give you the courage and strength to dismantle the walls in your life.

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