Constant Learning and Unlearning Toward Success by Robert Ricciardelli

Constant Learning and Unlearning Toward Success by Robert Ricciardelli September 8, 2011

“In a constantly changing world, you cannot move toward a successful future while being stuck in what you presently think you may know. Your knowledge may serve you today but there is need for a constant learning to prepare you for tomorrow. Your greatest pursuits in life should be the pursuit of learning how to learn, and secondly to have Wisdom to unlearn false paradigms, and conditioned mindsets that have deflected absolute truth. Understanding your present is foundational to a bright future.”

Like a “Mall Map” that says “You Are Here”, take a courageous look at your present place and begin to see where you may go next for your spiritual and emotional growth.

Have you uncovered conditional mindsets that have held you back and now must be shifted and renewed?

Do you see areas of learning that can prepare you for tomorrows journey?

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