Face Your Fears For Freedom by Robert Ricciardelli

Face Your Fears For Freedom by Robert Ricciardelli September 9, 2011

Do not be afraid to face your fears, for every time you do, you gain in courage, strength and confidence. FEAR is the acronym for “False Evidence Appearing Real,”a vapor in our minds that becomes a powerless memory through the reality of being a favored child of God. We are created to shine the power and glory of God within us that empowers us toward liberty from all fear. As we become fearless, our faith filled presence leads others from fear and into the promised land called “Freedom.”

Have you faced your most recent fears, or have you been ignoring them?

With the understanding of God with eternity in mind, can you see how unmerited fear has become?

Stand in faith, with the power of heaven within you, and the enemy of fear has no chance to abide.

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