Defining Moments That Shape Us by Robert Ricciardelli

Defining Moments That Shape Us by Robert Ricciardelli September 4, 2011

“There are significant defining moments in every persons life. Within those moments, the very best within you comes powerfully upon the scene. You are prepared through the journey of experience and challenge to qualify you for your greatest victories. The pressure and stress of defining moments facilitate growth and accomplishments that would never have happened under normal circumstances. It becomes evident that you were created for that rare opportunity and ready to seize the moment.”

Can you identify some defining moments in your life?

Do you remember how empowering those moments were, where it seemed like the convergence of God, purpose, and destiny all arrived on the scene at once?

It is God alone who defines you. He has defined moments along the way of your destiny. Seek the Kingdom and watch those moments unfold.

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