Wide-eyed Anticipation of Revealed Truth by Robert Ricciardelli

Wide-eyed Anticipation of Revealed Truth by Robert Ricciardelli September 5, 2011

“Searching for truth is not comfortable while leading us to great comfort. We must not fear truth or deluded authorities that stand in the way of it. Like a child we must remain wide-eyed, curious, and always anticipating its arrival. The treasure of Truth stands alone, does not need approval, and will prevail no matter how man times ignorance tries to derail it. Facts can obscure the truth. Facts can reveal a challenging world while truth presents a God who takes you through every challenge.”

Have you stepped out of the “Matrix” chosen the “red pill” of unfolding truth, or settled for the “blue pill” of life as you know it?

What truth have you embraced recently that has significantly impacted your life.

God is constantly revealing Himself and absolutely presenting absolute truth. Like a child, are you curious and prepared to receive it?

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