Ego: The Greatest Hindrance by Robert Ricciardelli

Ego: The Greatest Hindrance by Robert Ricciardelli September 17, 2011

Human ego is the greatest hindrance to releasing the substance of heaven on earth. More of self means less of God, setting up a lifestyle of self absorption and a downward delusional spiral. We have been created to become Kingdom vessels, carriers of God’s goodness, mercy, and love. We have been given the power to let go of our self destructing will while living for God’s life giving will and purposes. Dying to the death grips of ego births an increasing manifestation of His presence and life.

Can you see the distinction realizing how important you are, and an ego that separates itself from the need for God or care for others?

Are you living more for self agenda’s or an integrated life with God and the goodwill of mankind?

What steps must you take to increasingly be aware of how awesome you are and yet live in the humility of being a giver in life?

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