Experiencing God is Necessary for Wholeness by Robert Ricciardelli

Experiencing God is Necessary for Wholeness by Robert Ricciardelli January 14, 2012

Experiencing God is necessary for mental and emotional health. You cannot become whole until you connect with the Center of your very existence, God. Trying to make Self the center will never work in the long run, as a part can never pretend to be the Whole. God wants to set us free from false centers and false identities. Your absolute identity or True Self can never be found outside of God. To know God is to finally know True Self as a son or daughter of the Living God. He becomes your Epic Center for all of your purpose, life, and destiny.

Have you allowed God to integrate with all of your life?

Are there still areas in your life that are Self-Centered and not God-Centered?

Pursue God and He will continue to reveal to you your True Self and the power of God will be released measurably through your life.

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