Experiential Truth Ignites the Power Within by Robert Ricciardelli

Experiential Truth Ignites the Power Within by Robert Ricciardelli August 29, 2012

The Divine power of God is available to those who are in absolute oneness with God. Such power unleashed upon everyday life around the world is largely unknown by the world systems. This knowledge of God can only come through revelation. Many fail to see the practical dynamics of the Kingdom of God and the power of personal presence in any context or circumstance. Experiential truth is far more important than the knowledge of the truth, and it often comes through great pain, when we are at our lowest, and when self has failed us many times. When the truth must be embraced because there is no other way out, we can begin to see the hand of God lift us out of our existential hell. It is then that we know our God is faithful, and know the taste of victory that only He can provide. When our knowledge of the truth gives way to experience, it eliminates all doubt because we have gone down into the depths with it, and proved it down there. Beauty replaces the ashes of our despair, we arise to new life, and we advance with greater revealed truth and an expanded capacity to overcome.

Are you living in knowledge of God or the experience of God?
Are you witnessing the presence of God with great effect through your life?
Are you anticipating with great faith, the power of God to get you through your present circumstances?

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