Overcoming Our Presuppositions by Robert Ricciardelli

Overcoming Our Presuppositions by Robert Ricciardelli August 30, 2012

Locked and loaded in our presuppositions can cut off meaningful conversations, relationships, and truths that might be discovered through the perspectives of others. The suppositional truth we have adopted may not be absolute truth and if we become constant learners, we will evolve towards greater truth and understanding of God, ourselves, and the world around us. We must be willing to challenge our belief systems and allow for the Spirit of God to sweep away the false from our minds to make room for expanding revelation and clarity. We must humbly consider the possibility that we may be wrong, readily admit it when we just don’t know, and allow for our minds to become reformed and renewed daily. The fullness of truth will come to those who are willing to learn from perspectives they may have never considered.  When we open our hearts and minds to God as maturing children, He will illuminate His ways toward our becoming more like Him. 

How locked and loaded are you in the your adopted or inherited paradigms?

Have you considered the possibility that you have held on to foundations that are not really foundational?

Can you see how faith filled diversity and community brings fullness to every context of life?

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