Faith Without Humility is Going the Wrong Way by Robert Ricciardelli

Faith Without Humility is Going the Wrong Way by Robert Ricciardelli September 6, 2012

One of the greatest indicators of spiritual maturity is to realize that there are things that you just do not know. It is the understanding that the more you learn of God, the greater His majesty and mystery becomes. People living in the divine ways of the Spirit are always humble and forever beginners. Those who are pride filled “know it alls”, always right and never wrong, are far from the heart of God. If you are not humble, one knows you have not experienced the Holy One which utterly humbles you. When faith and humility do not coexist, it has missed the divine pathway. True prophets will always call people to humility, challenging them to examine their own hearts through the lens of Spirit. Without such a prophetic element, religion is almost always self-serving and idolatrous. True prophets, however, often please nobody, especially the far Left or Right ideologies, which can become two places for the ego to hide. The Kingdom of God is much larger than any ideology, and that is the place from which we must live.

Are you seeking the wisdom of God while embracing the mysteries yet to unfold?

Are you seeing life like a child, eager to learn, grow, and develop in the the likeness of Christ?

Are you being swayed by all the noise of what “they” say, rather than living in the peace, joy and love of what Father God has spoken and continues to speak to your heart?

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