Hijacked Visions and Dreams by Robert Ricciardelli

Hijacked Visions and Dreams by Robert Ricciardelli October 30, 2011

The only thing worse than drifting through life without a vision is to have your dreams and visions hijacked by someone else. It is one thing to share common vision and it is another thing to forfeit your own vision because of the agendas or mandates of others. Our hopes and dreams and can easily get lost in the complexity of this life. We must discover or recall what we believe God has called us to be and to do. Pursue your dreams and live an intentional life of vision, passion, and purpose.

Do you feel sometimes you are on autopilot and just drifting through the seasons of life?

Have you felt at times that you have been robbed of your passion, hope, and dreams?

Through the power of God, breakthrough the fear and lethargy of today and begin to activate your hopes and dreams of tomorrow.

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