The Difference Maker is God by Robert Ricciardelli

The Difference Maker is God by Robert Ricciardelli October 31, 2011

When you are weak, divine strength can come forth. No matter what weakness or inadequacies you think you have or setbacks you’ve encountered, God gives us His divine strength to overcome. He is the difference maker and God within you soars you to new heights in life you never thought were possible. God takes what you have to give and then makes up the difference exponentially. He multiplies your influence, your strength, and your resources. You no longer need to look at what you have, but can watch what Almighty God will do with it!

Are you feeling overwhelmed in what you are doing?

Have you been relying primarily on you for everything?

Connect with the power source of God and He will bring people and tangible resources to expound your efforts.

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