I Cannot Stop Changing by Robert Ricciardelli

I Cannot Stop Changing by Robert Ricciardelli May 4, 2012

I can’t stop changing all the time. I travel by foot and it’s a slow climb toward God’s best for my life. I remain at peace with not being comfortable at where I am at because I know there is so much more within me. Omnipotence is within me, giving me the constant and eternal potential for becoming so much more. And yet I rest in my advancing pursuit of the Perfect One, while becoming fully fused into His perfection for me. I continue to step up to the things that are out there on the boundaries of my existence, evolving, growing, and becoming a better version of myself in revealing more of God’s glory. There are mysteries yet to be discovered as I pursue excellence, yet I am loved, and I am at peace, in every moment of my journey.

If changing means evolving, growing, becoming a better version of yourself, can you see that being uncomfortable can be part of that process?

What areas of your life are you will be uncomfortably challenged in order to grow?

Do you feel loved and at peace in where you are at now? Why not?

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