Illuminating from the Darkness by Robert Ricciardelli

Illuminating from the Darkness by Robert Ricciardelli April 15, 2012

Suffering can bring  us closer to God as He becomes our refuge and our pathway to wholeness. We are captured by God’s amazing love, and compelled to embrace the offering of our God who reveals to us our true identity and purpose in Him. As we surrender to God in Christ, we become immersed in divine fusion, a oneness with God, and a shared victorious life in Him. He takes us on the road to De-Mask-us from our false identity, and a death to the temporal things. The death of our deceptive identity and ego brings us entrance into life in His present and eternal Kingdom. It is an incredible and opposing paradigm to the life we once lived, as we descend to ascend, and as we give away what we have in order to obtain abundantly more of what God has for us.

What suffering have you gone through or are going through that God may be using to bring you closer to Him?

Have you been willing to give up your own identity in order for your God identity to come forth?

It is a Kingdom that opposes the way in which the world operates. Have you embraced the pathway to real life?

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