The Experience Beyond Belief by Robert Ricciardelli

The Experience Beyond Belief by Robert Ricciardelli April 16, 2012

It is important for people to go beyond their belief in God, so that they may truly move into the experiential presence of God. The power of God comes through the experience of our active participation with Spirit, and power can never be realized through just the knowledge of God. We can deepen our experience in God through relationship, prayer, and the divine applications of both the receiving and the giving of forgiveness. The God of eternity operates in the present moment, the now of today. There is no other time to actually live, love, or experience but in the very present moment of our life. So live NOW, love NOW, forgive NOW, and experience the love and power of your God, Now!

Are you living in belief or has the experience of God taken you to His powerful presence?

How is your prayer life? Have you forgiven everyone? Have your received forgiveness openly?

How is your present moment? Are you living presently, or living in yesterday or the possibilities of tomorrow?

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