Life of Stewardship and Not Ownership by Robert Ricciardelli

Life of Stewardship and Not Ownership by Robert Ricciardelli July 15, 2012

If you look at yourself as being one with God who holds the keys to life, your life becomes one of stewardship rather than ownership. Stewardship is the truest perspective for those who have entrusted themselves to their God. If you have debts, whose debt is it when you are in union with God? Whose money is it? What about the challenges you face? As stewards for the Almighty, we never have to take complete ownership of our debts, money, or challenges. Humble and faithful people of God are joint heirs with Him in all things. They rely on God working through them rather than having to rely solely on their own strength and abilities. Having Christ within as their foundation, they will not be shaken, and when suffering comes, they will overcome through the power of God within. Submitting our lives into the hands of God becomes our greatest solution for life.

Is your life becoming more aligned and in fusion with God in a shared life with Him?

Have you been carrying all the burden for your own stuff?

We do have responsibilities, but God desires to take your heavy burdens. Will you give them to Him, your advocate for life?

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