Being You For the Audience of One by Robert Ricciardelli

Being You For the Audience of One by Robert Ricciardelli July 16, 2012

Believe in how much God loves you. Give God permission to love you today. Simply close your eyes and whisper, “Father, I give you permission to work in my life, and to illuminate the very best steps for me to take.” Do not worry about competing with others. Do not worry about what the rest of the pack is doing. You are an amazing creation that has been designed for great things, and designed for the glory of God that shines uniquely through you. You do not have to run faster, work harder, or be better than anyone else. You have your own path, your own rhythm, and your unique way to walk with God and impact the earth with His presence. Run the race that you were destined for, you are not alone, and wisdom and divine guidance will appear as you go. As you become faithful in being authentically you, favor will come, your confidence will grow, and the windows of heaven will open up in providing your every need along the way.

Are feeling loved and special today?

Do you find yourself competing or resting in being complete with God?

Will you courageously be “you” today with God being the only audience that matters?

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