Loving Your Enemies by Robert Ricciardelli

Loving Your Enemies by Robert Ricciardelli December 6, 2011

Anybody can love a friend, but the proving of agape love comes when we love our enemies. Through the power of God’s love we are able bless those who curse us and we can hold back from retaliating to those who have hurt us. We can be at peace knowing that it is God’s job to take on injustices rather than seeking our own vengeance. We may hate the conduct of others while at the same time hoping and praying for redemption in their lives. We can overcome evil with good through the power of loving our enemies.

Are you harboring vengeance and hatred over anyone that has done you or others wrong?

Even in the case of civil justice that may be necessary, we can pray for the guilty to repent and be restored.

It is a directive from God for all followers to love their enemies. A hard task that is only possible with God.

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