Rest in God Beyond the Outcomes of Life by Robert Ricciardelli

Rest in God Beyond the Outcomes of Life by Robert Ricciardelli December 3, 2011

The presence and peace of God cannot be realized when stuck in the “doing” of life rather than the “being” in God. There is a rest that only can come from being one with God. It’s about not being attached to the outcomes in life, but about being present and happy whether you achieve your goals or not. We must let go of the person the world thinks we should be and enjoy every part of the journey in the integrity of who God designed us to become. Do not abandon your goals, but embrace the peace and joy of the Lord, regardless of the outcomes in life.

Do you find yourself stuck in doing and rather than being all that God created you to be?

Father wants you to be authentically you while knowing that He has your life in His hands.

Continue to set goals aligned with your destiny and trust God to carry them out in His time.

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