Supernatural Trickle in the River of Life by Robert Ricciardelli

Supernatural Trickle in the River of Life by Robert Ricciardelli December 2, 2011

We are each a tributary in the “River of Life.” There’s Living Water flowing from each one of us. Even when we think that we’re only a trickle, trickles join with others forming a stream. Streams flow together to become a river and rivers flow to nourish the land and it’s people, first becoming ankle deep, then knee deep, then deep enough to swim in. We must never underestimate the power of the moving water of Spirit and Life. Trees of life grow on both sides of the River with fruit from heaven that remains to transform the nations.

Do you live each day in the flow of God’s presence and life?

Are you content with your “trickle” and are you building with others becoming a divine watering hole in community?

Seek first the Kingdom and watch the fruit come out from your life in bringing God’s glory to the land.

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