Politics and Governments Cannot Shake the Unshakable by Robert Ricciardelli

Politics and Governments Cannot Shake the Unshakable by Robert Ricciardelli November 7, 2012

We have a Kingdom beyond the low level realm and focus of politics and what earthly government might do for us. Jesus paid little attention to government or politics. Caesar was one of the most evil leaders on earth that put people into extreme bondage. Jesus simply said, give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and and give to God what is His, your very lives. In other words, Jesus said, “I have another dimension to live in, come with me above the noise, confusion, fear, and division.” Get out of the lower realm and live in the only realm worth living, it is called “Kingdom of God.” We are instructed to love and pray for our leaders, and have an even greater mandate to love and pray for our enemies, perceived or otherwise.

Has the current conditions of politics or government taken away hope from your lives? Why?

Jesus really did not focus on what man, or man made systems can do? Has it been too big of a focus for you?

Will you trust in completely in God while participating in civil responsibilities and bringing godly influence to them

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