Standing Tall in the Midst of Your Adversaries by Robert Ricciardelli

Standing Tall in the Midst of Your Adversaries by Robert Ricciardelli October 9, 2011

There will always be critics in your life, and some that will create some conflict. Critics often love it when you engage with them and will use antagonistic antics to get you off your course and on to theirs. Jesus did not waste His time defending Himself to the naysayers and neither should you. Whatever they may think or say does not define you, determine your value, and they cannot keep you from your destiny. Stand confident as a child of God in the midst of your adversaries.

When you have critics, glean what you can in what might be true, and move on past the critics that try and steal your thunder.

Be present, and tap into God’s presence so that you can respond righteously and not react to critics in your life.

Know who you are. You are royalty, and your destiny is assured in God.

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