The Greatest Influence is Love by Robert Ricciardelli

The Greatest Influence is Love by Robert Ricciardelli May 18, 2012

Institutional and moral majority groups can give a false sense of power. They say, “we have the numbers, we have the power, and we have the influence for change.” But the results say otherwise in how much power or influence they actually have in changing culture, and transforming their cities. Often times they are not at all influencing but rather reflecting the culture around them. When they reflect the same prejudices and biases as the culture around them, they will do little to bring impact or change to others. The greatest way to influence can never come from organizational separation and judgment, but impact will come from people who will engage with and love those who are different from themselves. This is God’s way, and in the power of His love, this must be our way as well.

Have you seen the constant decline of denominational or hierarchical influence?

Have you seen the power of God demonstrated when understanding and love have a chance to operate?

Who are you loving today who may believe differently than you do?

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