The Harmonization of God and Science by Robert Ricciardelli

The Harmonization of God and Science by Robert Ricciardelli October 31, 2012

There is no real contradiction between the world of science and the world of religion. The two are dealing with two different things, but they are not in conflict with each other, they are not antagonists. Theologians are trying to describe the Creator; scientists are trying to describe His creation. Science and religion should be viewed as family in their ability to support one another. Science and theology must not be viewed as mutually exclusive forms in regards to humanity, rather they should harmonize to form a consistent view of reality. Science lacks a spiritual or ethical emphasis and may miss the unseen spiritual power of God in human experience. A scientist who does not acknowledge a Creative Presence behind the existence of the universe is as incomprehensible as a theologian who would deny the advances of science.

Has science more and more affirmed your faith in God?

Do you see that there is no neutral ground in the universe, and that every cell, every moment, and every living thing is claimed by God?

As I grow in my knowledge and revelation of God, I see His imprint everywhere and all the time. How about you?

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