You Can Handle the Truth by Robert Ricciardelli

You Can Handle the Truth by Robert Ricciardelli January 17, 2012

Faithful are the wounds of friends that are willing to deliver the truth that may be painful to receive. There is an inexpressible pleasure in the safety of true friends that will never withhold from you timely considerations for your life. In the spirit of love, they are able to share with you what could possibly be the very thing you have been needing to hear. By not having to mince their words, or having to fear the sting of truth, friends can deliver clear and powerful messages toward freedom and the pathway of righteousness.

Have you given your friends permission to speak openly to you in ways that can benefit your life? Can you handle the truth?

Are you willing to be this type of friend without fear of how truth may be received or rejected by the listener?

Seek authentic and loving communication with those who you are called to walk closely with.

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