Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future by Robert Ricciardelli

Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future by Robert Ricciardelli October 25, 2011

“Isn’t that the carpenters son? “Did she not have five husbands?” “Did we not catch her in the act of adultery?” Wasn’t that man a drug addict?” God is a redeemer to the rejected of this world, a restorer of all that has been lost, and a bridge to all that can be gained through Him. What is your story? Everybody has a story, but in the hands of our God, your previous story matters very little. Your past does not determine your future, and our God can make the end of any matter greater than the beginning.

Have you been letting your past story be a hindrance to your future?

Will you let go of your past and embrace tomorrow in the freedom you have in Christ?

You are not alone. The Lord will never leave you nor forsake you. God forward in the power and assurance of your God.


I cannot change the shape
of my chin nor the length of
my legs, nor how my gender
fell. I cannot alter what
went before me; the genes
in my cells, nor the blood in
my veins. Not where I lived,
what I saw and heard, nor
how I felt. Not the way
the river flowed nor how
the twig was bent. A part of
who I am is who I was. I
cannot change who I
was. But if I would have
a present not buried
in the past, and a future
unsullied by the dust
of relics and shadows
and ghosts unsuspected,
I can choose to write
a new story on a fresh
page. There’s still time to
leave a legacy of who
I can become.

©2000 by betty henry taylor

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