Pursue the Greatest Thing by Robert Ricciardelli

Pursue the Greatest Thing by Robert Ricciardelli October 26, 2011

Success is not something that you pursue, it is something you attract. Success is therefore not a goal in life but a byproduct of an abundant life. It is because of who you are in God that the law of attraction and favor come forth. It is divine favor that rests upon you all the days of your life. “You are in Him, He is in you,” living in powerful fusion with the substance of heaven. We seek His Kingdom, and His glory, and everything else is produced from this foundational pursuit. Everything that God is, we are becoming, because we choose to live in the power of His love.

What are you pursuing in LIfe?

Do you know the power of God within you and operate from that place of power?

Are you growing in the image of God measurably from glory to glory?

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