June 2, 2020

Clearing Up Confusion about “Theology” (Prolegomena to Prolegomena) Systematic or constructive theology usually begins with “prolegomena”—so-called “first things”—foundations of theology. What prolegomena include vary from theology to theology. However, prolegomena usually begin with some discussion of the method of theology—how theology is “done”—especially including the roles of revelation, tradition, reason, and experience—the so-called “Wesleyan Quadrilateral.” Many volumes of Christian theology begin with some version of natural theology or at least discussion of it. Natural theology, of course, includes reasons for… Read more

May 30, 2020

What Would It Take (To Convince Doubters That America Is Becoming a Police State)? For any of you who are not aware of what is going on in America now (and has been going on for a long time): Recently, just a few days ago, a Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer killed an African-American man who was unarmed and, apparently (given the several videos of the event from different angles) no resisting arrest. Several other Minneapolis police officers stood around without… Read more

May 26, 2020

Why Study/Learn Historical Theology? I was recently asked to address a group on this subject: Why study and learn about historical theology? The answers seem self-evident to me, but that’s because I became a historical theologian forty years ago after several years of formally studying the subject. Here are my five reasons why every Christian should learn enough historical theology to be relatively knowledgeable about it: Under scripture itself, the Great Tradition of faithful Christian thought and reflection about God,… Read more

May 23, 2020

Why Lying Has Become Normal and Acceptable Just this week I necessarily visited two “big box” stores—to buy items I truly needed. (Due to the pandemic I am temporarily avoiding stores as much as possible.) At one big box store I took my item to the cash register and happened to notice that it charged me $10 more than the price clearly displayed for the item on the shelf. I was not surprised. This happens often. A few hours later,… Read more

May 21, 2020

The Problems and Possibilities of Christian Apologetics Recently a very popular Christian apologist (defender of the faith) named Ravi Zacharias passed away. I did not know him and this post is not about him. All I know is that many people thought very highly of him and will miss him. His passing, however, has caused me to think again about Christian apologetics in general. Why do I not write apologetics? Besides here, I mean. As I see it, anyway, the… Read more

May 17, 2020

Confusion Reigns about COVID 19 Fatality Rates This is my final post on this subject—at least for now. I am disappointed by all the confusion evidenced even among very bright people—including some who have responded here. The confusion is over two very different statistics that people cannot seem to keep distinguished from each other. One is the true IFR (infection fatality rate) of COVID 19 and the other is the CFR (case fatality rate) of COVID 19. Now, to add… Read more

May 15, 2020

My One Concern (Here) about the Pandemic Many respondents to my most recent post have assumed that I am promoting some specific “plan” for dealing with the CORONA-19 virus pandemic. That is not the case. Please do not do that. If you choose to respond to that post or this one, stick to what I actually say and DO NOT misuse my blog as an opportunity to go off on a tangent unrelated to what I actually say. Your response… Read more

May 13, 2020

Why Is It So Difficult to Get Reliable Information about the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic? I am not a scientist; I am an ethicist. My question is why is it so difficult to get reliable information about the COVID-19 pandemic? Why is there so much confusion, so many contradictory claims, and so little clarity? I might even ask why there is more heat than light over this pandemic? The reason I ask is not only curiosity and my innate desire to… Read more

May 9, 2020

The Problem with Calvinism is Fundamentalism I have long studied varieties of Calvinism—from mainline Reformed theologies to nearly cultic Calvinist theologies. From those that have pretty much discarded TULIP to those that make TULIP part of the gospel to those who believe that “indiscriminate evangelism” (such as what Billy Graham did) is unbiblical because it usurps (or attempts to usurp) God’s sovereignty. What I have concluded is that every Calvinist theologian at least slightly differs from every other one. Let… Read more

May 5, 2020

Does God Ever Make Us “Worthy?” Recently I heard a contemporary worship song that expresses the idea that a person is never so “dirty” that God cannot make him or her “worthy.” It reminded me of a very old gospel song from the 1950s entitled “Worthy.” The latter song expresses the idea that, although I am unworthy of God’s grace, he makes me worthy by his mercy.” When I heard the first song being sung in an online worship service… Read more

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