Welcome to my blog!  I’m glad you’ve chosen to come here.  Let me tell you a little about it.

First, I will use this blog to share some of my thoughts about theology: reviews of books, comments about current theological topics and miscellaneous ideas especially about evangelical theology (I consider myself an evangelical theologian even if some of my critics don’t!) and Arminian theology (I’m proud to call myself an Arminian and hope folks will look into what that really means before jumping to conclusions!).  I may occasionally say something about a different subject.

Second, my intention is that this blog will be a place for irenic exploration and conversation; it is not for insulting people or movements or flaming them.  Constructive criticism is, of course, fine.

Third, please understand that I cannot respond personally to all comments even if they are directed to me.  Time simply won’t permit it.  (I have books and articles to write, courses to teach and papers to prepare for conferences.)  Also, if you e-mail me directly (it’s easy to find my e-mail address) please don’t be upset if I don’t respond.  I get over 100 e-mails per day and simply can’t respond to all of them.

Fourth, the scene in the above photo expresses a lot about my approach to theology.  I view it as a journey, a pilgrimage if you will.  For me, theology is an exciting adventure and not a place to settle in and defend.  My mind changes even if not easily or with every wind of culture that blows.  My favorite theologians are “pilgrim theologians”: Juergen Moltmann is a primary example and Clark Pinnock is another.  Some critics call them “moving targets,” but I consider them theological explorers.  As Puritan pastor John Robinson told  his congregation “God always has new light to break forth from his Word.”  Here I hope to share some of that new light I am exploring and I invite you to join in the conversation.