Al Mohler, evolution and other Christians

Al Mohler, evolution and other Christians October 5, 2010

According to reports (e.g., Baptist Press, August 10, 2005) Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Al Mohler believes a person cannot be consistently both Christian and believer in evolution.

I wonder what he would say about the book Darwin’s Forgotten Defenders: The Encounter between Evangelical Theology and Evolutionary Thought by David N. Livingstone (1984)?

Interestingly, Old School Princeton theologian and inerrancy defender Benjamin B. Warfield (generally considered a hero by conservative evangelicals) believed in evolution.  I guess he would just say Warfield was inconsistent.  But Warfield was trained in both science and theology.

In all this hoopla about Mohler and evolution I have so far to read anything about what is called “progressive creationism.”  That used to be the standard evangelical middle ground between Darwinian evolution and young earth creationism.

I was educated and mentored in and by a type of evangelicalism that distinguished itself very strongly from fundamentalism.  What I perceive happening is that line is becoming blurred.  People who are really more fundamentalists (at least as I learned what that means) are now being touted publicly by even the secular media as leading evangelicals. 

This is why I call myself a “postconservative evangelical”–to distinguish my own flavor of evangelicalism from  (what seem to me to be) fundamentalists parading as “conservative evangelicals.”

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