Billy Graham and inclusivism

Billy Graham and inclusivism March 26, 2011

In a previous post I mentioned that Billy Graham is an inclusivist.  Someone responded with a statement he said he found at some web site affiliated with Graham retracting what Graham said in an interview with Robert Shuller.  The interview is all over youtube. 

Supposedly someone associated with Graham’s organization claimed he was ill or suffering after affects of some medical condition or treatment and that caused him to say the things he said to Shuller on the TV interview.  (There Graham said quite clearly and unequivocally that there is hope for the salvation of people who never hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.)  I’ve seen that interview several times and I don’t see or hear any evidence that Graham is anything other than in full possession of his faculties.

In light of the fact that this was not the first or only time Graham said these things, I have to wonder if someone took it upon themselves to write that retraction without Billy Graham’s knowledge?  After all, Graham said exactly the same thing many years ago in an interview with McCall’s magazine (January, 1978).

That quote, from the interview in McCall’s, is all over the internet.  Just google for it.  The statement of inclusivism was clear then and almost word for word what Graham said to Shuller later. 

In light of that, something seems not quite right about the explanation allegedly provided at the web site and quoted here.

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