Does God always do “the wisest thing?”

Does God always do “the wisest thing?” May 18, 2011

For some reason my most recent content post “Does God always do the wisest thing?” has not migrated here yet and I cam not able to cut and paste it from my blog at the old URL.  Please go there ( to read it.  You may either respond there or here.  As of Friday (May 21) I will only post here.  Until then I will copy posts from there to here.  I thought I had done that and for a while I saw that particular post here, but now it is gone.  Ah, the mysteries of the blogosphere!

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  • Dan Arnold

    Hi Dr. Olson,

    Thinking of wisdom (but not necessarily God’s wisom), just wondering why patheos has ads for “Sexy Arab Girls” on your blog.

    • rogereolson

      I haven’t seen that. And, if it’s true, I have no control over it. Talk to the folks at patheos. If I see such ads, I certainly will.

  • Also, ads for interfaith chaplians and reformed universities…