Article on “centered” versus “bounded” sets

Article on “centered” versus “bounded” sets September 8, 2011

Someone asked me for my source regarding the difference between “centered sets” and “bounded sets.”  (This is with reference to my argument that evangelicalism is a centered set and not a bounded set.)

I first encountered this distinction in the following article by missiologist Paul Hiebert: “Coversion, Culture and Cognitive Categories” in Gospel in Context 1:4 (October, 1978), 24-29.

I highly recommend it if you can locate it.  I believe it was republished as a chapter in a later book by Hiebert, but I don’t know the title.  I think someone mentioned it here.

The article’s subtitle is “How much must Papayya ‘know’ about the gospel to be converted?”  (“Papayya” is a hypothetical native of a newly reached people group.

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