At last, and reluctantly, some guidelines for this blog

At last, and reluctantly, some guidelines for this blog November 17, 2011

I have always wanted to avoid laying down some guidelines about this blog because, after all, it’s mine and I can do with it what I please.  However, to save some people time and frustration, I’ll reveal some rules of thumb I use in deciding whose comments to post.  I haven’t enforced all of these consistently, but I am going to try to from now on:

1) This blog is for constructive dialogue, civil conversation.  When people come here they are entering my living room or office, so to speak.  It is not a public forum where everyone has a right to say whatever they want to and I have to allow it.  There is no “right” to be heard here.

2) While I do post many critical comments to this blog, I will henceforth not post those that reveal a sole purpose to argue or attack.

3) If a person comes here to attack or criticize my views on a subject but have not read what I have written on that subject, I am much less likely to post their comments or questions (until they have read what I have written).

4) I will no longer enter into debates with persons who want to talk about Against Calvinism who have not read it or are not reading it.  I will answer questions about what is or is not in it, but I will not engage in debates about issues I address there with persons who have not read the book or are not reading it.

5) Of course, I will not post comments or questions that are uncivil, disrespectful (and just opening an attack with “Sir” does not make a comment respectful), or that engage in ad hominem argumentation.

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